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Private hospice in North Zealand

Privat Hospice i Nordsjælland

A private hospice in North Zealand or elsewhere, such as a private hospice in Gentofte or a private hospice in Hellerup, gives terminal patients the opportunity to spend the last time in their own, safe surroundings.

The final chapter of life can be challenging both physically and psychologically for the patient and relatives, which is why the patient’s homely, familiar, and loving surroundings can create peace.

By choosing a private hospice in North Zealand or a private hospice in Funen or Jutland, the patient and relatives will not only experience help with medical management and pain coverage. Our private nurses know about human dignity and see the importance of time, presence, and security.

Privat Sygeplejerske ApS - Care for physical and mental needs

The thought of hospice care can be scary for many people. A realization that the end of life is approaching, the grief of losing and the grief of having to say goodbye can be difficult to handle.

When you or your loved ones choose a private hospice in North Zealand, such as a private hospice in Copenhagen or a private hospice in Holte, you ensure a unique opportunity to obtain care for both physical and psychological needs throughout the process. Our private nurses understand the importance of holistic care for both the patient and the relatives.

With a holistic approach to the patient’s well-being and sparring with relevant and skilled professionals, Privat Sygeplejerske ApS ensures a gentle and respectful last time. You and your loved one will be assigned to a dedicated team of private nurses. In this way, you will experience continuity and recognition every time you meet one of our private nurses.

Being in the last chapter of life with an incurable disease will often be a time filled with emotional and physical challenges both for the patient and the closest relatives. It is also a time when previous priorities, interests and concerns are given room for deeper reflection on its meaning.

Palliative care as a private hospice in North Zealand

A holistic approach to care also includes palliative care if the patient so desires. For the patient, the end of life can be a shorter or longer course characterized by pain, discomfort, and a gradual deterioration of health. At the same time, for relatives, it can be an emotional burden of grief, hope and acceptance.

At this stage of life, it is crucial to have the right support and care to ensure a dignified and comfortable final journey. Our private nurses provide palliative care as a central role in the individual care plan if there is a desire for this.

Through palliative care, the patient and relatives often experience a sense of calm and support during an otherwise challenging time. It is not only about relieving physical symptoms, but also about dealing with the psychological, social, and spiritual needs of the patient and their relatives.

At Privat Sygeplejerske ApS, we understand the depth of these feelings. We are dedicated to creating a safe and caring environment where the patient’s dignity and comfort are prioritized.

With our many years of experience in nursing, our nurses are able to provide humane and professional care. We strive to ensure that each day is filled with love, support, and dignity, so that the patient and their relatives can find peace, tranquility and comfort in the final journey.

What is palliative care?

Palliative care is a caring approach that focuses on relieving pain and improving the quality of life for patients with serious illnesses who may be in the last phase of life.

Palliative care can include symptom relief, such as shortness of breath, nausea, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Furthermore, it focuses on supporting the patient and their family’s needs for information, communication, decision-making and spiritual support.

Palliation is based on a holistic view of patient care that recognizes the unique needs and dignity of the patient. This involves close cooperation between the patient, relatives, and our private nurse.

At Privat Sygeplejerske ApS, our nurses understand the importance of palliation in the last phase of life. Through pain-relieving care, we strive to improve the patient’s quality of life and promote peace and tranquility in their final days.

By choosing a private hospice in North Zealand, a private hospice in Jutland, such as a private hospice in Aarhus or a private hospice on Funen, you and your loved ones ensure that the treatment is not only about life extension.

Palliative care is not just for those in the final stages of life. Palliative care is also relevant for patients with long-term and challenging disease processes. It may also be relevant for patients who experience significant suffering or side effects from their disease or treatment.

A statement from a relative

“We used Privat Sygeplejerske ApS for both our parents, who unfortunately died 1.5 years apart. It does they made it much easier for us to have elderly parents who wanted to be “carried” out of their own home and didn’t want to be a nuisance anywhere.”

“First Margit came and helped us see the options we had – and then she sent Charlotte, an extremely caring and skilled nurse, who we were really very happy with. My mother got help for visits to the hospital, the medicine was adjusted correctly, and she was taught to use her blowpipe. Her quality of life increased noticeably, and Charlotte was also very good at helping mother with personal care and a cozy chat”

“Unfortunately, our mother was hospitalized with a ruptured appendix – here we first got Charlotte involved in the process at the hospital, where she really came into her own and helped us translate the doctors’ words into something we could understand – and not least got she gathered the family together so that we were all present when she breathed her last breath.”

Help for the whole family

“Charlotte really made a difference for us and helped us to say goodbye to our mother, in a good and loving way. After mother’s death, our father “took over” Charlotte’s care and help with daily life. He needed a loving person to help him with the many different tasks he normally had his mother do – and which he didn’t want our help with.”

“Although we tried to help our father where we could, it was just much easier for Charlotte. The two had developed a trusting friendship, which gave him a flourishing and a joy in life and the time after his mother’s death. In the last time, when there was talk of dialysis, another nurse was connected – in good time, so that father could get to know her; Her name was Pia – also really good and competent.”

“Margit found it important that father was comfortable with the visits, especially if they were to intensify over time. It was never necessary. Father never made it to dialysis, but as recently as the night our father died, he had contact with Charlotte – via SMS. He was so happy and comfortable with her.”

“Never in my wildest imagination did I think that Privat Sygeplejerske ApS would make such a big difference to my parents in their last lifetime. For both of them, it was safe and pleasant to be visited and helped by a competent nurse who really went many, long, extra miles to provide care.”

// Helle, relatives

Private hospice in North Zealand - and elsewhere

Privat Sygeplejerske ApS not only offers home hospice in North Zealand, but also private hospice in Copenhagen, private hospice in Gentofte or private hospice in Hellerup.

Our private nurses thus offer home hospice throughout Denmark, regardless of where in the country you or your loved one is located. It is therefore possible to choose private hospice on Funen, at private hospice in Svendborg or private hospice Odense. It is also possible to choose a private hospice in Jutland, at a private hospice in Aarhus or a private hospice in Fredericia.

Our offer of private nursing care in your own home thus extends throughout Denmark. Privat Sygeplejerske ApS can be a good alternative to the busy public sector.

Our experienced and dedicated private nurses make sure to bring care and support to you and your loved ones. For us, it is particularly important that no one feels alone in the last time.

Contact Privat Sygeplejerske ApS today

We encourage you or your loved one to contact us today if you are facing a challenging time in the last phase of life. At Privat Sygeplejerske ApS, we are ready for a non-binding conversation about needs and wishes.

In collaboration with you and your loved ones, we can plan an individual care plan that meets the patient’s last wishes and needs in life. Let us help you create a safe and loving environment during the period when your loved one is on their way out on their final journey.

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