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Private hospice in Hellerup

Privat hospice i Hellerup

In the last phase of life, security is an important factor for both the patient and close relatives. A multitude of emotions, questions and challenges arise that must be considered when a patient is in the terminal phase. You or your loved one should therefore consider choosing a private hospice in Hellerup.

Privat Sygeplejerske ApS also offers terminal care elsewhere in the country, such as private hospice in Gentofte or private hospice in Copenhagen. No matter where in the country you choose private hospice care, it can create extra security by staying in familiar surroundings.

With private hospice in Hellerup or elsewhere in Denmark, such as for example a private hospice in Jutland or a private hospice on Funen, including a private hospice in Odense, we ensure that the patient experiences peace in familiar surroundings in the final days. We create time and space for a dignified end to life.

At Privat Sygeplejerske ApS, we focus on humane care. This approach to care means that we meet the patient’s physical and psychological needs. If you or your loved one chooses a private hospice in Zealand, such as a private hospice in Hellerup, we provide optimal pain relief and symptom control.

At the same time, we ensure that the patient is surrounded by those closest to them and the surroundings they value most. We adapt our care to the patient’s personal preferences, values, and needs.

The last chapter of life

In a time characterized by fragility, great emotions and the need for care, Privat Sygeplejerske ApS is a good choice that ensures professional care in the patient’s own home.

We offer private hospice in Hellerup, where our experienced private nurses create a safe and present atmosphere in the patient’s familiar surroundings. In addition, we also offer a private hospice in the surrounding areas, such as a private hospice in Gentofte or a private hospice in Copenhagen.

At Privat Sygeplejerske ApS, we believe that humane care is the basis for the support we provide when you or your loved one chooses private hospice care.

By including presence, security, time, calm and empathy in our nursing care, we create a meaningful time for the patient and their relatives during an otherwise difficult period.

Humane care is not just a task for us. We are committed to providing care that goes beyond the physical aspects and with respect for the patient’s needs. By choosing a private hospice in Hellerup, we guarantee you and your loved ones an improved quality of life.

Private hospice in Hellerup - with care and presence

By choosing a private hospice in the patient’s own home, we make sure to bring presence and support into the patient’s familiar framework and surroundings. At Privat Sygeplejerske ApS, we enter the home with care and presence.

The patient is assigned to a small team of private nurses. In this way, we ensure a recognizability that strengthens the connection between the patient, relatives, and the associated nurses.

At Privat Sygeplejerske ApS, we make every moment of the patient’s last time as meaningful and peaceful as possible. With us, it’s about creating a space where the last chapter of life can be experienced with dignity and love.

We believe that the best care occurs in familiar and calm surroundings. The patient and relatives can experience this by choosing a private hospice in Zealand, such as a private hospice in Hellerup or a private hospice in Copenhagen.

Palliative Care

When a serious illness is discovered or your loved one is in the last chapter of life, a wide range of questions can arise. It can both deal with death, pain, spiritual considerations, and many other things.

As a patient and family member, all these questions and pain can be difficult to deal with. Therefore, palliative care can have an important role in every course of illness – regardless of whether it can be cured or whether the patient has reached the last phase of life.

At Privat Sygeplejerske ApS, palliative care is a central part of our nursing care. It gives us the opportunity to have a holistic approach to the patient’s health, so that we do not overlook significant symptoms.

Palliative care helps relieve symptoms, support psychological well-being, and create an environment where the patient can maintain his dignity. Our private nurses have a great focus on improving the patient’s quality of life in the last period of life.

At Privat Sygeplejerske ApS, we are trained to understand and meet the physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of the patient.

Private hospice in Hellerup - Presence, safety, and calm in your own surroundings

The three words above are particularly important to us. With these three words in mind, our private nurses can provide the optimal and humane care that the patient needs.

Our team of experienced private nurses are not just professional caregivers. They also support the family and take the extra step to create a caring environment for the patient and relatives when they choose a private hospice in Hellerup or elsewhere in the country.

For us, time is an essential factor. Our private nurses have the time to understand the patient’s history. We become familiar with interests, such as food or music. In other words, the close relationship is very important – both for the patient and the relatives.

We enter the patient’s home with respect and presence. These aspects are integrated into all parts of our nursing care. Humane care refers to a unique approach where our professional expertise is combined with empathy, presence and understanding of the emotional needs of the patient and relatives.

Our definition of presence is that it is more than just physical presence. It involves a deep understanding and responsiveness to the patient’s individual needs, wishes and concerns.

At Privat Sygeplejerske ApS, our private nurses ensure that they create an environment where the patient feels seen, heard, and understood. This not only creates trust, but also a sense of inclusion and security.

Experienced private nurses with their hearts in the right place

Our private nurses have many years of experience in the healthcare field. They are specially selected as we want to ensure that they can deliver the humane and professional care that we want our patients to experience.

Our competences range widely. Therefore, our private nurses are also specialized in everything from palliative care to managing serious illnesses, terminal care and 24-hour care.

They also have several years of experience with Parkinson’s patients and patients with dementia. This ensures that the patient and relatives receive the best possible support and care during this difficult time.

An extra hand to hold, through a difficult period

In an emotionally difficult time, we are the extra hand to hold for the relatives. We understand that it is not only the patient who goes through a challenging period, but also the closest relatives.

Therefore, our support is not only aimed at the patient, but also at helping and guiding the relatives through their own emotional challenges.

Get in touch for a non-binding interview

At Privat Sygeplejerske ApS, we encourage close relatives to contact us for a non-binding interview and assessment of the patient’s needs.

Our private nurses are here to create a safe and calm end to life. Let’s work together to ensure that you and your loved ones experience the support and care they need.

We not only offer private hospice in Hellerup but throughout Denmark. We also provide a wide range of other nursing services.

This can, for example, be 24-hour care for patients affected by dementia or palliative care for patients undergoing a long and difficult course of illness. We offer care and reassurance visits, care for Parkinson’s patients and companion arrangements.

See all the nursing services that our private nurses offer right here.

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