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Privat Sygeplejerske ApS can function as a professional nursing visitor. They can help make everyday life more comfortable and prevent loneliness and the onset of illness. As elderly people in particular can be very lonely, preventing loneliness in the elderly is important in our work.

Care and reassurance visits by a present and competent private nurse

Are you often alone, or do you feel alone and lonely? More people can feel lonely in everyday life, especially if life changes due to illness or relationships disappear. Immobility can also be a cause of loneliness, as it prevents you from getting out of your home and around to activities, friends, and acquaintances.

Our nurses help prevent loneliness in the elderly

With care and reassurance visits in everyday life, your private nurse can help prevent loneliness and illness and thus improve quality of life. We can observe changes in your health that you may not notice yourself and quickly help put nursing interventions in place to prevent the disease from developing.

With a professional visiting friend with a nursing background, there is time and presence for walks, shopping, visits to the cemetery, etc. Together we’ll find the activities you want to take part in. We can also assist in contacting communities, as it can often be too difficult to make the first contact yourself. We can also arrange emergency calls on days when you don’t need a visit.

Care reassurance visits are organized in cooperation with you

All courses at Privat Sygeplejerske ApS are organized in close contact with you so that we can assist you in the best possible way. We want to ensure continuity in our work, so you don’t have to meet a new face every time. This means that your private nurse will get to know you and your everyday life well, so you can feel completely safe and comfortable when meeting your nurse. Read our nurse Dorte’s story about how continuity and closeness create the conditions for optimal nursing care.

We are also pleased to help with various practical tasks that you may find difficult to manage. This could be cleaning, walking (even with your dog), washing clothes, shopping, contacting your doctor, or any other task you need help doing. You can also read more about what our private nurses in North Zealand offer and which areas near Virum they are located in.

Care visits with a private nurse may be for you if, for example, you...

  • … feel lonely
  • … can’t cope with everyday life
  • … need nursing care, but also want others to monitor your mental health
  • … are worried and uncomfortable in your home

Your benefits of private nursing care

Contact us to find out more about care and reassurance visits

Does care reassurance visits by a private nurse sound like a good solution for you? Contact us for a no-obligation consultation about your wishes and needs. Together we will find out how Privat Sygeplejerske ApS can best help you.

We also offer a companion scheme, so you can have a professional by your side for conversations or visits that can be difficult to go through alone.

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