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We have a great experience with specially designed programs for people with dementia, focusing on relieving the burden of everyday life on family members and helping people with dementia to live with more dignity.

Private nursing can help dementia patients and their relatives

Dementia and other cognitive impairments change the lives and daily routines of many families. A dementia diagnosis is often characterized by increasing memory loss, confusion, and a decline in practical functioning in everyday life. Ordinary daily living and the individual’s capacity for self-care change as the disease progresses.

This is a difficult situation for both the person with dementia and the closest relatives such as a spouse, children, or others close to the person. Caring for a person with dementia and seeing your loved one change their behavior and not function in everyday life can be extremely difficult and draining. Gradually, you may reach the limit of what you can handle, and the strain of everyday life may become too much.

Help for dementia patients at Privat Sygeplejerske ApS

One solution can be private nursing, where we at Privat Sygeplejerske ApS can offer help in daily life to relieve and support, as well as care and care that can give both the person with dementia and relatives an active everyday life. All programs are adapted to the specific situation.

We can help find new ways of doing things, while still recognizing the needs and feelings of the person with dementia. Communication, presence, and dignity are key words in our private nursing care for people with dementia. We ensure continuity with private nurses who always have time and are present in the meeting with the patient. A familiar face and routines that provide the necessary reassurance for all involved.

With private nursing, we can offer relief as needed. Whether it’s a few hours a day or a week. We can also offer night care, for example, if you need to structure your daily routine. 24-hour care for the person with dementia is also an option if relatives need to go away for a few days and recharge.

We also provide assistance to private hospice in your own home

If the person with dementia has entered the last phase of life, Privat Sygeplejerske ApS can help create a good, safe environment in the patient’s own home, so that he or she does not have to leave familiar surroundings. There is also the possibility of 24-hour care, where a team of as few nurses as possible will attend to the patient. We are available to both the person with dementia and their relatives, as the situation can obviously be difficult to manage. Read more about terminal care and home hospice.

What is dementia?

Dementia is a common term for a number of medical conditions characterized by continuous deterioration of mental functions. There are several different symptoms of dementia, often including problems with memory. Dementia is not one specific disease, as many different diseases can cause dementia.

The term ‘dementia’ is used to describe cognitive impairment that develops in adulthood. Dementia often appears late in life but is caused by disease, not aging as previously thought.

Symptoms of dementia:

  • Impairment of one or more cognitive functions – often problems with memory
  • Difficulty carrying out practical tasks in everyday life
  • Language problems
  • Uncertainty about time and place
  • Mood swings
  • Change in personality
  • Lack of initiative

Sources: Rigshospitalet & Knowledge Centre for Dementia

Do you want to know more about private dementia care?

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation on how we can provide you with private nursing care. The conversation can help clarify the need and options for private nursing care in your particular situation with dementia – either as a patient or as a relative.

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