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Professional and attentive private nurse in Rudersdal Municipality and surroundings

At Privat Sygeplejerske ApS you will be assigned a private nurse in Rudersdal Municipality, who always has time to ensure you the optimal care, presence and reassurance throughout your course of disease. Here, you and your relatives are at the centre.

Our private nurses drive to the all of Rudersdal Municipality including Holte, Vedbæk, Nærum and Skodsborg. We also offer private nursing care in other nearby cities in North Zealand such as Virum, Tårbæk, Lyngby and Gentofte.

Get an overview of all the nursing care serviceswe can provide in Rudersdal Municipality.

Our private nurses focus on you in your home in Rudersdal

Together with you and your relatives, our private nurse will organize a course of treatment adapted to your medical history and situation. The course always starts with a personal conversation, where we determine together whether you need palliative care or private nursing care 24/7, practical tasks or companionship 8-10 hours a week.

You will then be assigned one or more nurses. You can expect to meet the same nurses during the whole disease course. This provides continuity and familiarity, creating a good and secure relationship.

The nurse collaborates with the public home care service, your doctor, and hospitals to provide you with the nursing best care, safety and quality of life.

Privat Sygeplejerske ApS only has the number of patients that allows us to provide optimal time and continuity of care. Therefore, your nursing care will be provided at a pace that is adapted to both you as a patient and your relatives around you.

Our private nurse has the time for you

Our private nurses care for you in your home and adapt to your needs. If you want to pass away in your own home, the nurse has time to have the deep conversations about life and death or help you make contact with family you haven’t seen for many years. Then you can pass away with a clear conscience and your relatives will have time and peace to spend the final time with you.

If you are alone and suffering from a chronic disease such as Parkinson’s disease, our private nurses will help coordinate your doctor and hospital appointments, take care of all the practical details and give you the confidence to see your friends, go to the cinema and buy the cake you want.

You and your relatives can be confident that our private nurses will provide you with high-quality professional care. Our team consists of a competent and experienced team of nurses with 7-15 years of experience in hospitals and home care. We all work with a desire to make a difference to patients and improve their quality of life through professional nursing care.

Your benefits of private nursing care

We provide many different private nursing care services in Rudersdal

We always meet you and your relatives with professionalism, calm and understanding when we provide nursing care in your own home in Rudersdal Municipality. Privat Sygeplejerske ApS offers a wide range of different nursing care services adapted to your specific needs.

These include palliative care and terminal care, rehabilitation after surgery, care and reassurance visits to prevent loneliness in the elderly, 24-hour care, and a companion scheme.

We also offer help with Parkinson’s disease and assistance for dementia patients and their relatives, and we have support workers for alcoholism and detoxification, wound care, blood pressure monitoring, diabetes, vaccinations, and much more.

Get the overview of all the nursing care serviceswe can provide in Rudersdal Municipality and the surrounding area.

Contact us for a conversation

Do you want to know more about what Privat Sygeplejerske ApS can do for you in your situation? Contact us for a no-obligation conversation. Here we can identify your needs and how we can best help you.

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