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How we create well-being and contribute to a better quality of life for our patients

Merete is one of our nurses a Privat Sygeplejerske. In this article you can read about her work to create well-being and increased quality of life in her patients. Do you or someone you know need similar care and reassurance visits? Our phone is open for a conversation about how we can best assist in your situation.

Enhancing the quality of life of our patients and contributing to a better everyday life is one of the most important aspects of our work as private nurses. Read about nurse Merete’s work and how she strives to create well-being and increased quality of life for her patients through professional nursing care.

Time for well-being

“Imagine that you can no longer or no longer have the energy to apply your favourite bodycream, take a bath, apply nail polish or prepare delicious and healthy food. I see this as something our elderly patients in particular struggle with. They very much want to be able to do these things again or get help to do so. It’s often the small things that can really make a big difference to their mood,” Merete says. She uses her nursing expertise to review the general health of her patients while making them feel comfortable. The overall effort helps to improve the quality of life of patients.

In addition to assisting her patients in these situations, she also makes sure that their environment is pleasant to be in: “For example, when my patient is in the bath, I do other things around the home which I know are important to them. That way, the environment is exactly how he or she likes it. It helps to create calm and well-being in their homes. Something as simple as fresh bedding or tidying up can do wonders,” she emphasizes.

To make the patient feel like themselves

“It’s important to get outside with the patients so we can get some fresh air. Then we can also go to their favourite shops, the bakery or somewhere else they like. This allows them to maintain their routines and feel like themselves. Although they have me as a private nurse, they enjoy being able to do things more or less themselves. The walks are also a good way to keep track of patients’ health progress or decline,” Merete says. Routines are particularly something that can provide reassurance and something to look forward to for patients. Find out more about how Privat Sygeplejerske ApS can help you with care and reassurance visits.

Elderly patients have lived a long life with certain routines that they hold dear. It can be very hard when they can no longer do those things themselves. That's why I do a lot to help them do it again - either by themselves, or with my assistance. It's about showing them respect and dignity.

Nursing care in your own environment

Merete assists patients with exercise and healthy diet planning so they can function as well as possible in their daily lives. She says that for many patients it is important to be able to stay in their own home for as long as possible: “As human beings, we create environments that we like to be in. That’s why it’s best to stay in your own home as long as possible, and we can help patients do so. If we are to contribute to improving the quality of life of patients, we need to look very much at their individual needs. With our nursing expertise, we can look at the big picture and make sure patients’ nursing needs are met.”
Read more about Privat Sygeplejerske ApS’s 24-hour care in your own home.

You know your private nurse

A clear advantage of a private nurse is that you don’t meet new faces all the time. Privat Sygeplejerske ApS can either complement or replace, for example, public home care. This contributes greatly to the quality of life of our patients.

Merete explains: “A care visit a couple of times a week by the same nurse allows the patient to get to know us well. This makes it easier for them to talk about their state of health and any challenges in their daily lives than if a new nurse came every week. This is really important for us, as it not only puts the patient at ease, but also allows us to provide optimal care, as we get to know the patient better.”

It can be difficult for elderly people to let people into their homes and accept for example public home care. They run really fast, and therefore do not have the opportunity to set aside extra time for the elderly. I feel this can be improved by care and reassurance visits, as there is then one constant in the elderly's everyday life. Then they have someone to go through things thoroughly with, so they feel informed and involved.

Security for relatives

It is up to the patient and the relatives to decide how much need there is for the relatives in a disease course. Some want to be updated often, while others don’t need it as much. Merete feels that her presence at care and reassurance visits also has a positive effect on the relatives: “The feedback I get is often that the relatives have peace of mind as there is a professional private nurse now looking after their family member. I experience a very good dialogue between all parties, who want the best for their family member.”

Do you want to know more about the possibilities for care and reassurance visits? Read more about what Privat Sygeplejerske ApS can do for you.. We also provides companion scheme, if you need a nurse representative.

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