Privacy Policy

Nurses have a duty of confidentiality regarding information gained during the care and treatment of the client, including health conditions, other purely private matters and other confidential information.

With the client’s consent, information about health conditions and other confidential information may be obtained and disclosed in connection with the care and treatment of the client.

All personal data is processed in accordance with applicable data protection regulations.

When communicating in writing with authorities, doctors and others, please use encrypted email

Cookie policy

By using our website, you agree to the collection, processing and use of data as described below.

The purpose of our website

The purpose of our website and thus data processing is to provide information about our company and the services we offer.

Using our contact form

When you use our contact form, your message goes directly to us and is processed in accordance with your purpose for contacting us. We do not use this information for marketing purposes.

Visitor statistics

We only use cookies in connection with Google Analytics visitor statistics. Google Analytics allows us to follow a user session around the site. We use visitor statistics to improve the content of the website. A cookie is a passive file that cannot collect the information on your computer or spread computer viruses and other harmful programs. We use Google Analytics default settings, which is 26 months for data retention with reset on new activity. You can avoid cookies by using an anonymous (incognito) browser, or actively go in and delete cookies in your browser. The way you browse anonymously or delete cookies varies from browser to browser. 

Server statistics

Our website is hosted on a web server at in Denmark. Like any other web server, this server stores information about user visits and any errors that occur.

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