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Get extra help during the cancer course

A private nurse can help you get through the course of cancer more easily.

A cancer course is a long, gruelling process, both physically and mentally. You may recognize this if you either have cancer yourself or know someone who does.

The shock hits when you are diagnosed with cancer and have to deal with what it means for you. When you start treatment, it can be difficult to understand the medical explanations. This is where a private nurse can help

Lone Andersen is a private nurse at Privat Sygeplejerske ApS. Since 1994, she has worked as a nurse with cancer patients both in hospitals and at The Danish Cancer Society.

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An extra hand throughout the course of disease

Lone Andersen emphasizes that the need for support varies from person to person and from family to family. For example, it depends on whether you are alone or have a network. For example, it depends on whether you are alone or have a network. It also depends on your illness: How sick you were when you were diagnosed; where you are now in your disease course; and what treatment options are available.

But for everyone, having a healthcare professional on their side, for example through private nursing care, will be an advantage.

“It’s obvious to get help in the final days, but you also need care and help with the practicalities along the way. In addition, many need help to cope psychologically with the disease,” Lone Andersen says.

Coordination of medical appointments

As a private nurse, she can provide an extra hand with nursing care such as managing medication and pain relief.

Lone Andersen can also help coordinate medical, hospital and training appointments and accompany you to check-ups and screenings. She is also more able to question medical explanations and knows the health system.

An extra help for relatives

However, if you are a relative of a cancer patient, you may also need a little extra help, for example in the form of 24-hour care. Because cancer, like many other long-term illnesses, affects the whole family.

“As a relative, you may also need to let go of some of your worries. It may be that you need to not think about the practical things or are not comfortable with the intimate nursing relationship with your mom or dad,” Lone Andersen says.

Here she can relieve the family: “Instead, you have the time and energy to enjoy each other’s company, hold hands and sit in the sunshine together,” Lone Andersen says.

Binding the family together in the final days

When death comes, many people especially need that extra time with their family. This includes deep conversations, but it may also be that there are unresolved issues that are difficult to address. This is where a private nurse can provide a catalyst.

As a private nurse, I can help bind the family together a little more in the final days. I can also help family members say the things that need to be said before it's too late

Some families are also reluctant to talk about what will happen when the cancer patient dies – for example, in relation to funerals and wills. Sometimes you don’t talk about it because you’re afraid of upsetting others.
“A feeling of loneliness can arise if you don’t talk about it in the name of love. Here I can help us talk about it in a constructive way.” Lone Andersen says.

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