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“I am all alone” – The final time without relatives

The article is about Peter’s experience with his course at Privat Sygeplejerske ApS. Why Peter has chosen to use us rather than public care services. What the options are when help is available 24/7, and how Privat Sygeplejerske ApS has made it possible for Peter to spend his final days in his own home. You can read more about the final time – treatment of terminal patients as well as 24-hour care of patients.

"I am all alone" - The final time without relatives

An article written from the perspective of an anonymous patient we have chosen to call ‘Peter’.

“I’m all alone.” That’s what we hear when we first meet Peter. He is in hospital and wants to go home to his house to spend his last days in familiar surroundings. Peter explains:

“In public nursing, they (nurses) come 10 minutes 3 times a day. It’s a new one every time. It’s hopeless to deal with.” He further expresses that he “would sit all day and be left to himself.”

As Peter wants to stay at home and not in a care home, he saw no other option but to explore what the private sector could offer. Here he gets in touch with us and within a week we get his home ready so we could move in and help him 24/7 and spend the last time in his own home as desired.

“It wasn’t more than a week before I came home straight away with full help. It was amazing. – I was happy about that. Everything was taken care of. Privat Sygeplejerske ApS had been inside getting the house ready for you to move in” – Peter, Patient

Peter explains that one of the biggest differences he has experienced between services in the public sector and at Privat Sygeplejerske ApS is that:

Partly I am helped by someone who knows me and I know them. I'm very happy about that."

That we can help with the practicalities, but also that he knows the nurses and they know him, is really important to him, and that it helps him feel safe in an otherwise difficult situation.

It has been absolutely indispensable - Really worth it

“You cook, I can’ do anything. I used to be able to cook and take care of myself, but now I can’t do that at all. It really means a lot in a situation like this. If this hadn’t existed, I’d be in some nursing home now.” – Peter, Patient

Peter describes that his course with us is worth it, despite the fact that as a private person you have to pay for it yourself.

“The opportunity for help is there. You have to be aware that it costs some money, that comes with it – of course, you can’t avoid that. It has really been worth the money. It has been absolutely indispensable. Really worth it, I must say.” – Peter, Patient

Now I have found you, who want to and can help me

“It has completely changed my daily life and relieved all the pressure of all the practical things that come with it. I’m very happy with it all, even though it’s not an easy situation here at the end.” – Peter, Patient

Peter has no relatives. In his situation, where there is no family, we can step in and take care of all the practical things, be there for him, make sure he is as comfortable – and not least we can offer the care and closeness that everyone deserves at the end.

“I have no relatives, I am all alone. That’s another thing that contributes to my situation. I have no one to help me. – Other than I have now found you, who are willing and able.” – Peter, Patient

I hope and wish that more people become aware of this possibility."

Peter's story gives us the opportunity to help even more

We feel extremely honoured when patients who are in a difficult situation manage to have the energy to share their experience with us. Hopefully, we can help even more people make their final journey safely and painlessly.

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