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Margit Egeskov – We can offer care and presence to the patient in their last days

In this article, Margit Egeskov describes what Privat Sygeplejerske ApS can offer patients in their final days, how we differ from other providers, and how we as a private provider can help ensure care and presence for the patient throughout the entire process.

What kind of services can Privat Sygeplejerske ApS offer patients in their final days?

Margit explains: “What we can offer as private nurses is that we are present 24 hours a day, which I assess from patient to patient. It depends on what nursing care needs there are. In most cases, 24-hour coverage is most appropriate, meaning that we are present 24/7 with the patient until the very end.

What we offer is presence. There is time for conversations when the time is right and when the patient feels it is time. Then you can immerse yourself in the last days and talk about the patient’s wishes. This is what I find that a lot of time is spent with the patient.

What I also tend to announce when I come to the patient is that we alleviate some of the concerns. Patients and their families often have concerns and there are some of those concerns that we take on our shoulders - that patients and their families no longer have to worry about.

What can Privat Sygeplejerske ApS - As a private provider do for you?

Margit describes: “We can offer presence. There is the presence of a private nurse. There is a private nurse 24 hours a day with the patient, who can register and detect before the pain develops and before a possible infection develops. There, with our professionalism and clinical eye, we can already detect, assess, remedy and act in time so that nothing develops. It all happens very quietly and calmly.”

How is Privat Sygeplejerske ApS different from other private providers?

“It is the private nurses and the team in Privat Sygeplejerske ApS. They are competent nurses and we are constantly updated on palliation and terminal care, and during the entire process we have a close collaboration with the palliation unit and our own doctor, so we always keep one step ahead and ensure the best possible care.” – Margit, Owner.

What does a course of treatment with Privat Sygeplejerske ApS look like during the last period?

We take care of pretty much everything around the patient, personal hygiene, shopping, we make the desired diet - so if it's steak and soft onions you want, we make it. If they want fried eggs and bacon every morning, well, that's what they get. We actually make a big deal out of that, also that there is this smell of homemade food flowing through the house. In several places, when there is a 24-hour shift, the night shift bakes buns in the morning, so there is freshly baked bread and you get a good feeling that we are present.

Margit elaborates: “In addition, we keep logistics at home with doctors and the palliative care team. We can also be involved and coordinate with the dying person about who they would like to be visited by. It can be overwhelming in the last days, when we have the task of protecting the dying person, so that not everyone just comes in. But we check with the relatives and/or the patient whether you want a visit from your neighbor now, whether you want to wait or whether we should arrange something else for you.”

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