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Nursing care is not just about coming to give a pill

Anne Mette lives in Hellerup but has no plans to retire. She thinks being a nurse is too important

Anne Mette could have retired. But she wants to continue working as a private nurse. In addition, as a nurse for a private nursing agency in Charlottenlund, she has the opportunity to organize her work herself.

“Life as a temporary worker fits in so well with my life with grandchildren. Here I can decide for myself how much I work. At the same time, I receive a lot in return by giving a patient a good experience.” Anne Mette, who has lived in Gentofte municipality for over 30 years, says.

Previously, she worked for 10 years as a nurse in hospitals and for 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry. Three years ago, she started as a temp for Privat Sygeplejerske. Today, she works an average of 15-20 hours a week.

Being there for the ill and dying

Anne Mette finds that as a private nurse she has more time for patients, so she can do that extra thing that improves the quality of life. She’ll clean out the fridge and throw out old food, or vacuum the house to make it look tidy: “Nursing care is not just about coming to give a pill. It’s also the practical little things and coordinating medical appointments. For example, it can be difficult to get through to your own doctor when you don’t have the energy,” Anne Mette says.

She also finds it interesting to keep up with what is happening in the nursing profession. Then she can also give her patients the best treatment.

Most of them like to talk

In Anne Mette’s experience, many patients and relatives need someone to talk to – especially when death is imminent: “I meet a lot of people who have had interesting lives and get to see some other worlds. Most of them like to talk and tell,” Anne Mette says.

She also thinks it is important to give relatives the opportunity to say goodbye properly to the patient.

Being a relative of a sick person is hard for both the dying person and the relatives. When the relatives know that I take care of their mother or father, they have a day to think about something else

The colleagues are important

If Anne Mette is in doubt about something, she has her colleagues to ask for advice. She sees herself as part of a team. This is especially the case when she and several colleagues are caring for one patient 24 hours a day: “When there are several of us around a patient, we have a very good interaction about the patient, where everyone takes responsibility. Then the patient also gets the best treatment,” Anne Mette says.

It also gives the patient a comforting feeling that the same people are around. If someone is sick or on holiday, the patient will still see people they know.

Not considering retirement

Anne Mette is not thinking of retiring in the next few years: “I am looking forward to many good years as a private nurse,” Anne Mette says.

Learn more about the many nursing care services offered by Privat Sygeplejerske ApS and meet our competent team of experienced nurses. You are also welcome to contact us for a no-obligation conversation about how we can help you.

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