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New offer of private nursing care on Funen

Channie Hofmann Nystrand wants to disseminate the knowledge of private nursing care on Funen. She believes there is a need for it.

When Channie Hofmann Nystrand moves back to Funen in May 2022 with her husband and two young children, she wants to introduce nursing care from competent and attentive nurses at Privat Sygeplejerske ApS to Funen residents. Specific people with long-term illnesses will then have the opportunity to receive extra nursing care.

“Everyone needs to treat themselves a little. This is especially the case for people with long-term illnesses, who have so many odds against them. It’s about living in the moment and being good to yourself so that despite illness you have an increased quality of life and joy in your everyday life,” Channie Hofmann Nystrand says. She has been a nurse for over 12 years.

Would like to have had private nursing

She herself regretted not using private nursing care when her grandfather passed away. He lived on Thurø in the South Funen archipelago. Here Channie Hofmann Nystrand also grew up. Instead, the family got him an acute respite place in a nursing home, as the nights felt uncomfortable for the family. But it was very hard to move him away from his own home.

A nurse could have provided safety, calm, and care for him, especially at night, so that we as a family would have felt safe. It would have given us more energy to be there for him during the day

Patients are discharged too early

As a nurse at Bispebjerg Hospital and Rigshospitalet’s intensive care unit, Channie Hofmann Nystrand has seen that there is often no time in the public sector. For example, to provide the closeness and care that is essential, especially for people with heart failure, cancer, and neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, as well as palliative patients.

“Too often, people are discharged from long-term treatment before they feel really confident to manage themselves in their own homes. It needs to be more visible that they have the possibility to get more help in addition to what the public can offer,” Channie Hofmann Nystrand says.

More presence and care with private nursing care

A private nurse can give people with long-term illnesses more presence, care, and continuity. An experienced nurse can assist with her knowledge of the Danish healthcare system. She can, for example, coordinate courses between doctors, hospitals, physiotherapists, etc. In addition, the nurse can accompany the patient to various appointments.

I find that people with long-term illnesses express great joy and well-being in getting the support they need to get out of the home. It can be a walk in the forest, to the water or special shopping. A trip that for many patients can be associated with uncertainty and unmanageable, but which again becomes possible in everyday life

The patients get back control

Channie Hofmann Nystrand finds that she can also give people with long-term illnesses more control in everyday life. This can include obtaining medical records, reminding patients of regular medication times, and helping with mobile and IT support.

She can also help relatives of people with long-term illnesses. For example, managing all the logistical and healthcare tasks associated with the disease. Then they don’t have to stress about it while having to take care of their work and own family. They also have the energy to spend more time with their loved ones as a family.

“As a private nurse, I can take the pressure off the family and help make the illness less of a burden. It creates reassurance, peace and happiness for all concerned.” Channie Hofmann Nystrand says.

The article was published in Ugeavisen Svendborg, and can be read here (Danish only).

You can also read more about private nursing care on Funen or view all our nursing care services. Contact us for a no-obligation conversation about how we can help you.

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