Private nurse in Vejle and surroundings

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Private nurse in Vejle and surroundings

If you live in Vejle and the surrounding area and need more nursing care than you can get from the public sector, a private nurse may be the solution. Egeskov Nursing’s private nurses provide you with professional healthcare, practical help and time. With us, you and your loved ones are at the centre.

For example, you have just come home from an operation. But you still feel physically weak. You also don’t have a complete overview of doctor and hospital visits and medication dosages. The same goes for all the practical stuff. It can be difficult to get into the shower and out to walk by yourself. Home care only comes once in a while. It is also far from Vejle to the nearest hospital. If you don’t have a car, you risk sitting for hours in the flexbus.

Maybe you have a chronic condition or need palliative care because you don’t have long to live.

Here, a private nurse can complement the public nursing and practical day-to-day care, coordinating your doctor and hospital visits and making sure you get on your way.

Private nurse relieves relatives

If you’re a relative, a private nurse can take the strain off you, giving you more time and peace to spend with your loved one. For example, as a spouse, it can be difficult to manage health care if you are elderly and have physical problems. You’re also left alone to take care of everything from shopping and cleaning to contacting the family you used to be two people.

If you are a daughter or son, it can be hard to take your mum or dad to the doctor or hospital and help them on a day-to-day basis, while also doing your job. It can also be hard to deal with the fact that you are now more grown up than your mum or dad.

Here, a private nurse can reassure you that your loved one is getting to the doctor and hospital and getting the right amount of medicine. We also make sure she has a shower, goes out and sees her friends, so that her quality of life is maintained.

Private nurse prevents loneliness

No one should die or suffer alone. Unfortunately, this happens to more people because they have either lost their spouse and children or had none in the first place.

A private nurse has the healthcare skills to make sure you can die in your own home. And we have time for the long, deep conversations you might need if you’re dying.

If you suffer from a chronic illness, a private nurse can also assess when you need to see a doctor or be admitted – before things go wrong. We can also better communicate to healthcare professionals that you need an examination now, not in two weeks’ time. Then you don’t have to suffer in silence.

You can read more about our pallative care here: Palliative care

Contact us for a no obligation consultation

You can also book one of our private nurses if you live anywhere in Jutland other than Vejle and the surrounding area. We have offices in Vejle and Aarhus, but are happy to send a private nurse to visit you in e.g. Esbjerg or Skagen.

Our private nurses have the knowledge and experience to look after your needs and put your relatives at ease. All have a nursing degree and 7-15 years of experience from hospitals. We have plenty of time and peace you and your relatives.

If you would like to know more about what Egeskov Nursing can do for you in your situation, please contact us for a no-obligation consultation. Here we can identify your needs and how we can best help you.

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